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We are sorry but we are unable to deal with matters relating to the management and operations of London Luton Airport, as these are the responsibility of London Luton Airport Operations Limited, an entirely separate and independent company. Should you need to contact them for any reason please visit: or send an email to

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Laura Church
Interim Chief Executive – with specific responsibility for the overall conduct of the company’s affairs and ensuring effective liaison with shareholders.

Robin Porter
Chief Operations Officer – with responsibility for the overall strategic management and policy development of LLAL, and for acting as the company’s representative at local, regional and national levels.

Mark Turner
Chief Finance Officer – with specific responsibility for financial strategy and corporate governance, and for the Community Funding Programme.

Gerry Taylor
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility – with specific responsibility for oversight of LLAL’s CSR activities.

Nicola Monk
Interim Chief Infrastructure Officer – with specific responsibility for the delivery of LLAL’s infrastructure development projects.

Anita Gackowska
Development Director - with specific responsibility for the oversight of LLAL’s development projects.

Members of the Board of Directors can be contacted through the above officers of the company.

Hart House Business Centre
Kimpton Road

If you want to see the destinations you can travel to, make a booking, or find out more about the operations of LTN, please go to

London Luton Airport Ltd. Is a private limited company, registered in England & Wales No. 2020381
Registered address: Hart House Business Centre, Kimpton Road, Luton, LU2 0LA


London Luton Airport Limited