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London Luton Airport (LTN) Vision for Sustainable Growth 2020-2050

In February 2019, we announced our preferred option for the long-term development of London Luton Airport, and confirmed our intention to submit a Development Consent Order application to the government in 2020 which will seek an expanded capacity of 32 million passengers per annum (mppa).

We then conducted a second public consultation which took place from 16 October to 16 December 2019.

In this statutory consultation, we provided more detail about how we intend to provide a second terminal and associated additional infrastructure that will enable us to move towards making best use of our existing single runway, in line with government policy.

We also outlined how we propose to minimise and mitigate environmental impacts.

Our sustainability strategy

Please find a link to our new sustainability strategy below. This is a living document and something that we will review on a regular basis to ensure that it remains relevant and challenging.

Separately, we've worked alongside the airport operator, London Luton Airport Operations Limited, to assist them in developing a new responsible business strategy. This will include a series of sustainability targets between now and 2025.

Read our sustainability strategy.

Land Referencing guidance sheet

Land Referencing plays an important role in the preparation of an application for any major infrastructure project, including applications for a Development Consent Order (DCO).

Land Referencing is the process of identifying people and organisations that have a legal interest in:

  • property or land that may be required for a proposed development
  • or property or land which is not required for the development itself, but is in an area which may be affected by the proposed development

With this information we are able to keep people informed about our proposals and ensure they receive statutory notifications about our proposals to ensure their interests are represented in the planning process. This includes sending pre-application consultation letters to people identified through the Land Referencing process.

This guidance sheet provides information about how we are carrying out Land Referencing for the proposed expansion of London Luton Airport, and addresses some commonly asked questions on the Land Referencing process.

Click here for the guidance sheet

New air quality monitoring from summer 2019

Click here for more information

In December 2017, London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL) announced its London Luton Airport (LTN) Vision for Sustainable Growth 2020-2050.

The vision outlined LLAL’s intention “to make best use of the existing runway at LTN to provide the maximum benefit to the local and sub-regional economy; to deliver good levels of service; and to actively manage environmental impacts at the local and wider levels in line with our wider commitment to responsible and sustainable development.”

LTN is owned by LLAL, which is in turn wholly owned by Luton Borough Council. LTN is growing faster than anyone could have predicted and is now the fifth busiest airport in the UK. LTN is expected to be operating at its current planning limit of 18mppa by 2020, and it is our responsibility to plan for LTN’s long-term future and ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this growth.

LLAL will involve and consult you in every step of this important journey. The latest developments, including the outline vision for sustainable growth 2020 - 2050, are detailed on our dedicated FutureLuton project website.

If you want to see the destinations you can travel to, make a booking, or find out more about the operations of LTN, please go to