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Future luton

Impression of proposed view of Bartlett Square

Following analysis and consideration of feedback received during an initial period of consultation last summer, we are pleased to confirm our preferred option for the future sustainable development of London Luton Airport.

Using the existing runway, LLAL is targeting expansion of the airport to 32 million passengers per annum (mppa) from its current cap of 18 mppa.

The preferred option would involve construction of a new second terminal to the north of the runway.

To compensate for the partial use of Wigmore Valley Park, new parkland and open space would be provided over a larger area to the east of the existing park. This area is 10 per cent bigger than the existing park, and is positioned further away from the runway than at present.

The proposals are of a scale that require an application to the government for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to authorise the expansion. The final decision will be made by the Secretary of State for Transport, not Luton Council.

The preferred option safeguards as much land as possible within the existing Wigmore Valley Park, where we propose to deliver significant improvements to facilities in the retained part of the park. It also constrains the extent of development in the green belt to the east of the airport.

Over the coming months we will work up this preferred option to develop proposals that will form the basis of the DCO application.

There is a lot more work to do to work up the details, including the key strategies to minimise and mitigate impacts on the environment.

We will then hold a statutory consultation on the proposals, which will include the draft technical and environmental assessments. This consultation is currently planned to take place in autumn 2019.

It is expected that the DCO application will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in mid-2020. The final decision will rest with the Secretary of State of Transport, not Luton Council.

We have a unique opportunity as the owner of London Luton Airport to support sustainable growth of the local, sub-regional and national economies, the ongoing transformation of Luton, and help meet the significant projected shortfall in aviation capacity in London and the South-East to 2050.

London Luton Airport can significantly expand by providing more space for passengers and aircraft, without building a new runway.

To find out more, including links to the latest technical reports and details about how to sign up to our latest updates, visit our dedicated Future Luton project website.

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