London Luton Airport Limited


Future luton

Impression of proposed view of Bartlett Square

We are pleased to announce that a ten-week consultation on potential expansion of London Luton Airport is under way.

Our proposals are currently in the earliest stages of development, so everyone is invited to share their thoughts on these initial options for growth. Find out more on the future luton website.

The consultation runs until 31 August 2018, with a series of 17 consultation events taking place in and around Luton between 9 July and 4 August. At these events everyone will have the opportunity to view the plans, speak to members of the expert project team, and provide feedback.

London Luton Airport could more than double the number of passengers it serves, by providing more space for passengers and aircraft, without building a new runway.

If you want to see the destinations you can travel to, make a booking, or find out more about the operations of LTN, please go to